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Tacer Troyaline Baffle Suspended Ceiling Systems That Change Your Perspective! #createsinnovation

Istanbul Airport enriches national and international cultural values with its extraordinary architecture and innovative technical solutions. The production and assembly process of Tacer Troyaline Baffle Suspended Ceiling Systems, which were analyzed and produced specifically for the Istanbul Airport project, was carried out by Tacer’s expert team. In this impressive airport project, Tacer Baffle Suspended Ceiling Systems blended high acoustic performance into the gracefulness of the structure. The materials of the building elements and tools used in the structure were produced from sustainable raw materials, and the project was conducted in a nature-friendly manner. Thanks to Tacer’s fire-resistant production method, the systems, which are produced environmentally friendly, also prioritize human-centered security measures and take the safety of Istanbul Airport one step further. Tacer is glad to announce that Tacer Baffle Suspended Ceiling Systems were selected to be utilized in the construction of this magnificent structure, which has now become Istanbul's newest landmark.

The vaulted design extending from the floor to the ceiling in the interior gives visitors a strong sense of direction. Moreover, the layout created during the design process strengthens the flow of the interior space and creates a structure that allows visitors to experience a visual feast. Besides, roof windows which are built alongside the Tacer Baffle Suspended Ceiling Systems allow the sunlight to filter into the interior spaces. Thus, the interior space illuminated by daylight gained a splendid visual quality owing to the refraction of the sunlight and perfectly implemented Baffle Suspended Ceiling Systems.

The varying tones of Istanbul's urban image have been used to inspire the interior design of Istanbul Airport. The effect of daylight on the interior, the blue color spectrum formed in the interior space and the patterns formed by the shadows falling on the ground are entirely generated by the help of Tacer Baffle Suspended Ceiling Systems. Also, the tiered design of the Baffle system components on the upper levels brought aesthetics and functionality together. The geometric design pattern of the ceiling system pays homage to the city's architectural heritage while also being backed up by a thorough structural analysis performed by Tacer's professional technical team. We are thrilled and delighted to see the great quality of Tacer products and witness the positive impact they will leave on everyone who visits Istanbul New Airport, which will host nearly 200 million passengers per year.

Details That Change Your Perspective! #createsinnovation





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