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THE ADVANTAGES OF BAFFLE CEILINGS SYSTEMS | Tacer Acoustic Suspended Ceiling and Wall Systems


Tacer Acoustic Baffle Ceiling Systems #createsinnovation

In the changing World and to the advancing technological, Decoration is not limited to walls and furniture only. new aesthetic and functional ceiling decoration products change our perspective with new architectural and engineering approaches. Tacer Baffle Suspended Ceiling Systems definitely answerde this purpose in all over the suspended ceiling models. Tacer Baffle Suspended Ceiling Systems make a decorative contribution to architectural designs with their elegance and modern lines. Also, Tacer Baffle Suspended Ceiling Systems solve many design problems with their functional features. Tacer Baffle Suspended Ceiling Systems have a wide range of applications and uses, from airports to train stations, shopping centers, hospitals, hotels to cafes, cinemas, congress centers and homes. Tacer Baffle Suspended Ceiling Systems are produced from sustainable nature-friendly materials that are effective against fire.

Acoustic Solutions in Suspended Ceiling Systems

Tacer Baffle Suspended Ceiling Systems solve the problems that are aesthetic and functional solutions for acoustic suspended ceiling systems. Tacer Baffle Suspended Ceiling Systems serve the building industry with sustainable modern solutions for future generations. The features of the Tacer Baffle Suspended Ceiling Systems series provide many design alternatives. This series allows you to make your dreams come true with material options, different sizes, and gaps. For a wide-open area design, this series offers a linear continuity. It develops innovative architectural design concepts by offering various different color options. Tacer Baffle Suspended Ceiling Systems provide perfect acoustic sound performance that is best choice.

Architectural Approach and Engineering Perspective in an Acoustic Solutions

Baffle Alumunium Panel Suspended Ceiling products are painted with oven-dying (RAL COLOR) and designed by clamping the roll-forming powder-coated aluminum coils together with the spiked carrier profiles. Tacer Metal Baffle is produced with very high standard and world-leading design and manufacturing processes. They effectively control any undesired acoustic issues that are including noise and echo. Tacer Produces Metal Ceiling Baffles to create a bespoke baffle ceiling range suitable for any commercial environment such as public spaces, educational buildings, and more. Tacer Felt Baffles are innovative, eco-friendly products that provide a visual and acoustic atmosphere.

As Tacer, we are always aware of the importance of sustainable design perspective. 100% recyclable. Great acoustic performance, easy installation and minimum risk for damages. For wide-open area design, it provides linear continuity. The special lock system of carrier profile provides easy, secure and quick mounting. Different baffle panel size and gap alternatives are possible as production. Different color options upon request.

Every design begins with a dream, and every dream that begins with Tacer Acoustic Architectural Systems#createsinnovation.

Tacer Acoustic Suspended Ceiling and Wall Systems That Change Your Perspective! #createsinnovation







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