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HIGH FIRE RESISTANT AND NON-FLAMMEABLE SYSTEMS | Tacer Acoustic Suspended Ceiling and Wall Systems


Tacer Takes Precautions For Life so high fire resistance and non-flammeable properties #createsinnovation

In structures and building materials, cost, esthetics and functionality are highlighted at first, but the structure and components are particularly looking for resistance (durability) to natural effects, such as heat resistance, pressure resistance, snow, rain and freezing-defrosting. The strength quality of each of the components and materials that built the structure is associated with the durability of the entire structure. The strength quality of each of the components and materials that complate the structure is associated with the durability of the entire structure. This relationship can be measured by the functionality of the structure or the components which make up the structure. Heat effects are very important in the structure and components, and fire has also a special significance. As a result of increased temperature in a fire, the structural components are subject to physical changes such as expansion or melting.

Each of the safety parameters related to the fire is crucial in terms of fire prevention. The buildings in which we live are also crucial in case of possible fire risks. In the design of fire-safe structures, effective temperature is 20-700°C, but in exceptional conditions such as fire, structures must have high fire resistance with all building components.

The architectural design of the structure, the determination of the building structure, the selection of building materials and elements, depending on the way it is used, are the most important elements for passive fire safety. Factors such as components and materials entering the structure resisting fire and preventing fire development are the most important principles of passive fire safety. In these principles, the structure must be able to survive long-term protection despite damage during the fire, minimize the hazards of heat and smoke that are exposed in the event of fire.

In the section on fire safety precautions in the construction regulations of countries, a significant part of the materials is related to building materials and building elements as part of passive measures. Therefore, every material and system used in the structure is important. When selecting the components that fill up their structure, architects and engineers evaluate the fire reaction characteristics and fire performance of building materials that are involved in architectural discipline. In this way, rational projects can be produced by using fire protection or fire-resistant materials with reasonable planning in structures.

As Tacer, we organize our architectural systems in accordance with fire resistance and fire regulations. The fire resistance values of the Tacer Architectural systems are determined according to the results of tests conducted in accredited laboratories. In addition, the components in Tacer's Architectural systems are checked to comply with standards by TSE and each product has a fire certificate.


In order to ensure the safety and its of the fire hazard, Tacer Metal Systems are the most important part of Tacer product groups. As a result of the fire resistance tests carried out by the Tacer Metal systems, fire resistance is high and it could do very little damage to the environment during the fire. Fire class A1 of the Tacer Metal Carrier never burns. The Tacer Suspended Ceiling components are difficult to burn in class A2, no smoke formation or flaming. It is evaluated as non-flammable in the non-flammability category. Since it does not produce smoke, there are very few negative effects on human health. Moreover, people mostly get hurt by toxic gases during the fire, it's also avoided. Metal products are a group of products that can contribute to recycling by the nature of the material, with high fire resistance and minimal damage to fire conditions.

In our gypsum board products, we use fire resistant gypsum board systems to provide the desired performance during a fire with special production technology. Gypsum is an A1 class non-combustible building material. Thus, gypsum board suspended ceiling systems show a flame-retardant feature by the release of the water in the gypsum in extreme heat situations. The Tacer Gypsum Panel Systems has proven themselves to be fire protection material in many stuctures and Gypsum Systems also provide fire resistance as ceiling system. Tacer Gypsum Panel slows fire and emissions by passive measures provided to the suspended ceilings. And it also acts as a shield against the devastating effects of the fire.

The damage caused by the fires to our country and nature is deeply affecting us all. Fires that risk human health and life can't be ignored for both economic and natural damage. Therefore, as Tacer, we are constantly taking care of the fire guidelines in every system. We are reviewing industry developments and changing legislation related to fire resistance and adapting it to all our architectural systems with Tacer R&D. We're putting the importance of fire at the forefront in all the architectural systems we produce.

Every design begins with a dream, and every dream that begins with Tacer Acoustic Architectural Systems#createsinnovation.

Tacer Acoustic Suspended Ceiling and Wall Systems That Change Your Perspective! #createsinnovation







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