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Tacer Suspended Ceiling & Tacer Wall Systems #createsinnovation

As a result of technological advancements, architecture has evolved to satisfy our needs for both aesthetics and functionality. Architectural solutions enable the implementation of any type of design. A variety of concepts and designs are generated from an understanding of architecture in practically every type of structure. Special analysis and detailing play a major role in finely analyzed structures from ceiling to floor and from floor to surface.

Tacer suspended ceiling systems, with their variety and solutions, play a significant role in creating architectural concepts and designs. It has always been customer friendly with its product quality and reliability while guiding us in developing architectural designs with various system types and functions.

Tacer FMX system group is one of the most diverse and functional systems among Tacer's metal product range.Fmx series are also know as linear suspended ceiling and consists of 4 different main groups as FMX-1, FMX-4, FMX-5 and Exterior System FMX-2.

Due to their exclusive dimensions and structures, FMX systems are solutions that help to create planar ceilings, allowing to capture a holistic image. Also, it is often preferred in long and wide areas because of its smooth and continuous appearance.FMX series comes in a number of variations that can fit almost any architectural project.

Fmx Multipanel group can be preferred when it is desired to gain different layers and create more dynamic ceilings. FMX multipanels are mobile and dynamic systems that are formed by the combination of panels of different sizes.FMX-2 series are usually preferred for outdoor areas because they are known for their resistance to environmental factors such as wind. Furthermore, Tacer FMX5 series combines aesthetics and functionality with consecutively positioned edge-end-bent profiles that conceal the carrier.

All of the FMX Series are modular systems and while concealing the mechanical equipment, they offer simple assembly and mounting without the need for additional tool in the event of intervention. These systems, which have a wide range of color alternatives, can be conveniently used in large areas like hotels, airports, metro stations, terminals, shopping malls, and hospitals.

Every design begins with a dream, and every dream that begins with Tacer Acoustic Architectural Systems #createsinnovation.

Tacer Acoustic Suspended Ceiling and Wall Systems That Change Your Perspective! #createsinnovation

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