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DAKAR CONGRESS CENTER | Tacer Acoustic Suspended Ceiling and Wall Systems


Tacer Suspended Ceiling Circular Baffle Systems, Tacer Hook on Metal Suspended Ceiling System #createsinnovation

Following the request of the Senegalese government and with the goal of hosting the G20 Summit, it was decided to construct an international-standard congress center, with TABANLIOGLU MIMARLIK as the architect and SUMMA Insaat as the contractor. In the project, which was opened in 2014 and won the ENR Global Best and LEAF Award, TACER succeeded to make history in another part of the world with its custom manufactured suspended ceiling systems.

Dakar Congress Center is a world-class convention facility which is designed by Tabanlioglu Architecture and built by Summa Insaat for G20 Summit Dakar, the center of Senegal. It opened in 2014 and, as previously indicated, won the ENR Global Best. For this congress center, Tacer used modular metal suspended ceiling systems as well as custom designed suspended ceiling solutions that were inspired by the Baobab tree, a symbol of local cultures.

The award-winning Dakar Congress Center features a main congress hall that can hold 1,500 delegates and a conference hall that can host presidents from 78 countries. The project's static calculations, which were developed in accordance with EuroCode requirements, were based on the parameters described in the medium seismic risk zone specifications, which were particularly determined for Senegal. The interior design assembly process of the building was completed one month ahead of schedule with a great teamwork, and then the testing and commissioning processes began.

The Baobab tree, which is the most essential part of Senegal's natural and cultural values, has served as a source of inspiration and reference in Tabanlioglu Architecture's Dakar Congress Center project, which intends to create a long-lasting design that may be a source of pride for Africa. The Baobab tree is a very large tree which covers most of the city's greenery and plays an important role in Senegalese culture. The character and shape of the Baobab tree, which stands out with its exquisite beauty and social value, is abstracted and energized within the identity of the venue. On the structural elements of the inside and outside shell, stylized design traces of the Baobab tree may also very well be observed. The Baobab tree is revitalized in the Dakar Convention Center with the use of contemporary architectural language.

Tacer Suspended Ceiling Solutions were installed in the main congress hall, meeting room, hallways, offices, and entrance hall of this one-of-a-kind project, whose acoustic architectural project was developed by Talayman Acoustics and Prosistem. Hook-on system, one of the most popular systems, is designed for corridors of various widths. These systems, which are used in the Main Congress Hall and meeting rooms, can be sized to fit the space and add prolificacy to the design language by generating a continuous monolithic look on the ceiling surface. While the perforated surfaces of the Tacer Hook on Metal Suspended Ceiling System help to improve the space's acoustics, it also allows for more creative designs by reflecting the colors of the topography determined by the designer.

Tacer Suspended Ceiling Circular Baffle Systems in the entrance hall, which is considered sacred to the people of Senegal were developed by Tacer R&D as the abstraction of the Baobab tree on the wall and ceiling and have been implemented in such a way that they can make consecutive smooth transitions from wall to ceiling. Tacer Suspended Ceiling Circular Baffle Systems, which seem as a mimesis in accordance with the architectural language of the building and produced as an example of abstraction, provide linear continuity. It creates an enticing ambiance for guests with color transitions and various uses that relate to nature.

Tacer Acoustic Architectural Systems combines aesthetic and acoustic performance while offering rational solutions to generate unique designs. As Tacer, we aim to add value to our partners and clients by using our knowledge, talents and experiences and become a pioneer company in the industry by producing innovative products in our factories, each of which is equipped with modern technology. Every design begins with a dream, and every dream that begins with Tacer Acoustic Architectural Systems #createsinnovation.

Tacer Acoustic Suspended Ceiling and Wall Systems That Change Your Perspective! #createsinnovation





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