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ATG | The Developing Transportation Project of the Evolving World - Ankara High Speed Train Station


Tacer Suspended Ceiling & Tacer Wall Systems #createsinnovation

Ankara High Speed Train Station (ATG) was designed as an urban center with its modern architectural approach and utilization concept, beyond a transportation infrastructure project. Ankara High Speed Train Station (ATG) has been transformed into a stylish and elegant acoustic structure with Tacer Suspended Ceiling Systems. TCDD (Turkish National Railway System) awarded the Ankara High Speed Train Station (ATG) project to the Cengiz-Limak-Kolin (CLK) partnership in a tender held in 2013 following the build-operate-transfer model.

In addition to being a station, ATG became one of the city's newest attractions in 2016 with its stores, restaurants, offices, hotel, and parking lot. Ankara High Speed Train Station can serve up to 50,000 passengers per day. The project, which has 3 platforms and 6 railway lines, where 12 high-speed train sets can dock at the same time, consists of a closed area of 194.460 m2 and a total of 8 floors, including the ground floors.

The 134-room business hotel and a combination of exclusive stores form a living environment where you can meet your needs at any time of day, from clothing to cosmetics, accommodation to entertainment, as well as quick transportation. Ankara YHT Station, which will provide indoor and outdoor parking services for a total of 1910 vehicles, has become a structure that gathers several different concepts under one roof, including open-air terraces, a children's playground, an atrium, and entertainment facilities.

Due to its central location, Ankara High Speed Train Station is located within walking distance of 400,000 Ankara residents when it comes to urban transportation convenience. The building's functional features have turned it from a transit point open only to train passengers into an outstanding facility with enticing features for people.

Ankara High Speed Train Station project has been designed with environmentally friendly and recyclable products in accordance with the concept of a sustainable green world. The materials used at the contruction stage were selected from recycled materials, and the components were purchased from suppliers located near the construction site, promoting the utilization of local products.

As a result, transportation-related carbon emissions were reduced. The materials developed for Tacer Suspended Ceiling Systems are sustainable and eco-friendly products. Tacer Suspended Ceiling Systems, which prioritize the principles of environmental sensitivity and human-centered security measures, has also taken the safety of Ankara High Speed Train Station passengers a step further with its fire resistant solutions.

In addition to Tacer Suspended Ceiling Systems and products, the construction chemicals used in the project, had VOC content within internationally acceptable limits, contributing to the health and comfort of passengers. Thanks to the installation and application methods of Tacer Suspended Ceiling Systems, the damage that may occur due to resonance and vibrations in Ankara High Speed Train Station has been minimized. Mounting parts such as rods, screws, and chemical adhesives were designed and developed considering potential resonances and vibrations.

Ankara High Speed Train Station with Tacer Suspended Ceiling and Wall Systems

Tacer Suspended Ceiling Systems were used at the Ankara High Speed Train Station in three different ranges: 20x100 Baffle Suspended Ceilings, 40x100 Baffle Suspended Ceilings, and Clip-In Metal Ceilings. Tacer Baffle Suspended Ceiling Systems, with their exquisite and modern styles, not only made a decorative contribution to the architectural design of the building, but also fixed numerous design issues by concealing lighting equipment and ventilation ducts with their functional features.

20x100 Baffle Suspended Ceiling Systems and the 40X100 Baffle Suspended Ceiling Systems are essentially the same systems which are principally produced according to the measurement of their applicational areas. The most significant difference between the two systems is that they can be implemented in a way that supports the design in accordance with the function of the spaces, providing the spatial perception and sense of depth desired by the designer. Another type of Tacer Suspended Ceiling System used in Ankara High Speed Train Station is; Clip-In Suspended Ceiling System.

Clip-in suspended ceiling systems allow clients to create aesthetic, acoustic, and functional areas with a variety of dimensions, models, and perforation options. Besides, its modular form allows for easy, safe, and quick installation. Clip-in systems, which allow for the creation of multiple design concepts in desired colors with variable size and perforation options, also have high acoustic performance. While Baffle Suspended Ceiling Systems provide great acoustic sound performance, they also contribute to the elegance and aesthetics of a place.

Tacer Suspended Ceiling Systems have made a visible difference and contributed a sense of depth to the atmosphere of the Ankara High Speed Train Station. Tacer Suspended Ceiling Systems not only enable customers to vary the height of the ceiling without limiting the volume of the room, but they also allow them to create unique designs by combining panels of specific dimensions at various intervals.

Thanks to the developing technological and architectural methods, interior design concepts in the evolving world are not limited to colors, objects, and furnitures. Tacer Suspended Ceiling Systems, which offer acoustic sound performance as well as elegant and modern styles, are great choices for aesthetic and functional ceiling designs that expand our perspectives.

Every design begins with a dream, and every dream that begins with Tacer Acoustic Architectural Systems#createsinnovation.

Tacer Acoustic Suspended Ceiling and Wall Systems That Change Your Perspective! #createsinnovation






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