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ÇAMLICA TOWER | Tacer Acoustic Suspended Ceiling and Wall Systems


Tacer Parametric Wood Systems #createsinnovation

Çamlıca Tower | Futuristic Architecture, Liquid Form and Iconic Design

Amongst all the internationally famous natural beauties of Istanbul, Çamlıca Tower which has a height of 369 metres has now become a landmark of Istanbul by means of its unique and futuristic architecture. This modern radio tower outshines its counterparts with a monolithic and iconic style which reflects the topography of the Çamlıca Hill (where it is located) with its own nature-inspired design. It offers an impressive scenery to its visitors by providing a privileged landscape experience from every floor. Besides, by squeezing the beauties of Istanbul into several different portraits on every floor, it offers an insatiable visual feast to them.

Melike Altınışık Architects - MAA | The Architectural Approach That Is Groundbreaking

The design of the Tower was made by Melike Altınışık who has been awarded numerous times for her brilliant designs which combine the innovative Technologies with Architecture. At this crucial project, she fundamentally blended the iconic image of the texture of the city with cutting edge engineering technologies. Çamlıca Tower, in addition to these, is also considered to be the tallest tower in Europe as the newest landmark of Istanbul.

The authentic and dynamic design principle of the tower can be constantly observed in the interior parts of the building as well. The Parametric Wood System at the entrance, which is created by Tacer, brings an influential and modern atmosphere into the building. The shape of the curved ceiling creates a tremendous internal building volume while separating the entire area into many regions with different characteristics. In addition, the parametric design of the walls and the ceilings pushes the limits of aesthetic perception by combining the natural beauty of wood with a harmonious structure. This inspiring design ultimately embraces the visitors with an astonishing architectural structure which firstly starts from the ceilings, and then continues on the walls along with aesthetic flaws, lastly stretches out to the floors where it literally turns into a stationary furniture. Tacer is proud to announce that The Parametric Wood System inside the building enhances visitors’ visual experience by offering aesthetics and functionality together with a ground-breaking architectural concept

The lighting components integrated in the Parametric Wood Ceilings create spacious interior area while supporting the existing structure in the building. The Parametric Wood System has a sustainable structure and generates an extraordinary design alternative through wood’s own hard and vivid characteristics.

From Concept Project to Application Project | Tacer Suspended Ceiling Systems R&D

At the final stage, while the above-mentioned details were being analysed, the software, R&D and application teams came together at the plant’s test field to check the static and seismic behaviour of the system layout one last time and develop a mock-up system accordingly. After receiving the confirmation from all the departments, the production officially started. The complex form and layout of the system got simplified and written into a production guideline by making use of computer-enhanced planning procedures and design philosophy.

800 Parametric Forms and 2500 Different Profiles in an Area of 800 Square Meters

As Tacer Suspended Ceiling System, we aim to add value to our partners and clients by using our knowledge, talents and experiences and become a pioneer company in the industry by producing innovative products in our factories, each of which is equipped with modern technology. Therefore, we always tend to value innovative ideas by creating rational solutions in every project while bringing aesthetic and acoustic performance together.

In the entrance hall of this mesmerizing project; Tacer’s Parametric Wood System was implemented by using 800 parametrically designed carrier elements and 2500 different shaped profiles in an area of 800 m2 with the help of Tacer's professionals and production technology.

Tacer Suspended Ceiling System are honoured and glad to have implemented The Parametric Wood System in Çamlıca Tower, which has become the newest landmark of Istanbul.

Every design begins with a dream, and every dream that begins with Tacer Acoustic Architectural Systems#createsinnovation.

Tacer Acoustic Suspended Ceiling and Wall Systems That Change Your Perspective! #createsinnovation






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